Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blog Re-name?

So I'm thinking about opening up a 2ND that has just my recipes, crafts, etc. so I can keep my family stuff separate. Or maybe just renaming to a catchier name. I need help figuring out a good name. Of course, the only ones I came up with may only make sense to the ones who know me but if you vote or think of something even cuter let me know! Here are the ones I came up with that aren't so...cute but hey, it was like 1am when I was thinking these up...I am one of those who can't sleep til I've got the idea down at least on paper...good idea or not. And then of course, after picking I need to figure out if the name is available.

1- Mamacop (or something along these lines) My husband is a cop and I used to work in the jail. So this is funny mostly to me and him. But I think others would get the hang of it. This would go along nicely with the someday coffee shop that my husband and I want to open up called "Latte Enforcement." Okay I know corny but you should of heard the funny things coming out of our mouth the other day on our date. "you have the right to a double shot, anything you say can and will order you up a coffee"...Okay okay already I know you are rolling your eyes.

2- Balancing Boys Anyone who has boys knows this is truly a feet.

3- Balancing? boys, business and baking There could be many other "b" subtitles to this.

3- Cherylene's I like the simplicity of this.

Or maybe all of these should just be subtitles under my original blog name. I just thought it would be fun to have something a little more catchy. Votes? I'd love to hear them or do you have something more fun to encapsulate all that I do. And my blog is new. I thought it would be easier to move things over while it was still new.

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