Gluten Free Products

Update:  Okay, so I recieved an email from the fabulous manager of Nature's Corner in Yoke's in West Richland.   She was very sweet and it sounds like you can get all of these products in her section of the store.  She was also very willing to help find whatever products we may be looking for.  Thank you Debbie for your willingness to help!  New products I've tried and loved are below.

Here are some already tried gluten free products.  I'm constantly being asked what products I've tried and liked so they are posted here.  These are tried and true products.  If you click on the link you can read more about them on their website.  I will also post where I purchased them or where you can find them.  This may not have all the places listed because I may have not seen it yet at a local store or have not been to that store in awhile to find it there.   I have found the cheapest places to buy gluten free products are or  I would love to go in on an order with you so that we can get a better deal just email me at

At the bottom I'll list products I tried and didn't like. 

YUMMO!  I recommend these

Betty Crocker - Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
Gluten Free
The texture is a little different but the taste is right on.
Found at Albertson's Health Food Department

Bob's Red Mill -Baking Mix
Gluten Free
Works well for pancakes, shortcake, and is suppose to be used like Bisquick.  This is seen in my shortcake recipe.  Purchased through, or Albertsons and Fred Meyer and Yokes.

Gluten Free Mama - Mama's Cookie Mix
Wheat, Gluten and Dairy Free Sugar Cookie Mix
Easy to make.  Takes 3 ingredients.  A lot like a good shortbread recipe.  I can think of lots of things to do with this.  There are recipes on her website on how to use this product in different ways as well.  Found at Richland Health Food Store,

Gluten Free Mama - Pizza Crust Mix
This was thicker like a homemade crust but very delicous and worth every bite.

Kind Bars
Wheat, Gluten, Dairy Free Bars
These come in a variety of flavors.  Every flavor I've had I've loved. You can purchase them at Starbucks, Albertsons or in bulk at

Namaste Chocolate Cake Mix
Seriously???? I had no idea this was gluten free...yum yum yum.  Moist, rich, dark...hold the phone I think I'm in love!  I found this on,, and Richland Health Food Store.


Vegan Cookies at Mocha Express. 
I will get the actual name but I didn't like them at all...The texture was bad and they tasted horrible.  Kind bars are way better!