Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tea Holders

I made these cute tea holders for 2 reasons. First, if you look in my purse, there is always a bag of tea...heaven forbid I get somewhere and they not have tea for me to drink. And second, I needed to make a quick cute gift for my MOPs table. These were fun and turned out adorable. I originally saw these on Lolly Chops. Click here to see her version. She also has a link to a fabric made one. Cute cute cute. She has a pattern you can download there and you can also view the fabric ones from her website. The one on the left shows what it looks like inside and here is a close up:

These were lots of fun for our February meeting and you could do these in any color for any month. Or put chocolate in them. Tuck them in your purse and you have a cute tea/chocolate holder for just in case.
Note: Okay so the pictures aren't the best but the colors are pink, brown, and cream. They are way cuter in person than in picture. I'll try to get some better pics.


  1. I love how these came out and they are absolutely the perfect MOPS group gifties! Thanks for sharing the link with me!!!


  2. So cute! Love this idea and your colors!

  3. Thanks! You are so sweet. Lolly, thanks for the idea and the post on your site. I'm in love w/teal by the way :)