Saturday, January 9, 2010


So, I have little ones and one of my giant pet peeves is that they take a napkin wipe their face once, take another, wipe one hand, take another and wipe the other, etc. And the first napkin wasn't all that dirty and could of quite easily made it through the entire dinner. I know I might be the only one annoyed by this but even though that may be true I've decided to outsmart them for now. You might think this is crazy and time consuming and geez napkins aren't that expensive in the first place. But I do it anyway.

I take out only a small amount of napkins (you know the amount that would fit in your napkin holder). I unfold them once and cut them down the middle. So when they take a napkin for each body part they are really only take 1-2 napkins instead of 4. My napkins go twice as long as the next person. Kind of like when someone at the paper towel company decided to make paper towels smaller so you could take 1/2 the size of a paper towel roll because you don't always need a full amount.

And, just in case you read this and thought "wow that would take too much time out of my day" I will let you know that it took me about 5 minutes. Maybe less for my stack and I did it real quick while I was waiting for the pizza rolls to cook in the oven.

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