Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Cup Corset- UPDATE

I am so excited to share my new business adventure with my friend and partner Karalee. We are making and selling Cup Corsets. However, ours are unique, they have a handle! And if you have not ever had a coffee cozy with a handle you will wonder what you ever did with out one. You can check them out here at our other blog They fit on most tapered cups that you would find at a coffee shop or restaurant. And we also carry those snazzy acrylic cups you see in the picture here.
The Cup Corset is available with or without a strap so that you can hold your drink or personalized pint of ice cream and not burn or freeze your little fingers.

Find us on Facebook by searching for The Cup Corset. Orders can be emailed to or with a click of a button at There are many pictures on our facebook and website. At this time all of those are available and we have some others as well. If you are looking for something specific, let us know.
Business has been taking off and it truely has been such a blessing. Thank you everyone who has checked out our product. We have truely been blessed.

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