Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Foods That Freeze Well

Most foods freeze well. There is only one that I cannot figure out how to prolong it's life and that is lettuce. All fruits and vegtables freeze however, you will not be able to eat them raw but it's great to freeze them for soups and stir frys. Other foods that freeze well:

Cheese - grated or ungrated. If you do not grate it, when you take it out it will crumble and you may not need to grate it. However, it's more difficult to slice. If you do not grate it then freeze it in ziploc bags and break it up a little when you pull it out of the freezer.

Fruits - slice into chunks or flash freeze. Flash Freezing works well for bananas and blueberries so that they do not stick together. Simply lay the fruit on a baking sheet and freeze then place in freezer safe containers after. You can also freeze pie homemade pie filling.

Vegtables - Get these on sale and cut them up for soups, stews and stir frys. All vegtables freeze. Some people flash steam them but I do not. It hasn't really compromised the taste or functionality of the vegtable. You also do not have to peel the vegtables unless you prefer them that way.

Meats - Of course, meats freeze well. We buy it on sale, split it up and food save it or pack in ziploc bags.

Bread or Bread Dough

Cookie Dough


We also make several meals up and freeze them. If I'm making lasagna I prep two meals and put one in the freezer before cooking it. Same with meatloaf, stir fry, chicken dishes, pot pies, homemade lean pockets, stromboli, etc.

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